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"We have been the strength for all manufacturers in various chemical raw materials in the East African region including Zambia, Ethiopia and Eritrea. Our customer base comprises of multinational subsidiaries, various chemical industries, EPZ, end users, distributors, government ministries, NGO's and hospitals.

We have comprehensive IT infrastructure for communication with the company and with our sources and clients globally as efficient as technology can offer today. We are just a phone call away and the company is striving for a toll free number for the convenience of our clients.

Customer service is paramount to our client. We are cognizant about this and realizing that our sources are located in diverse geographical areas and time zones, we are dedicated to working round the clock to ensure that we offer prompt services. We have promptness of shipment; documentation and reliability of schedules are the hallmark of Magic Chemicals. We also started warehousing of essential chemical raw materials since January 2004 as a back up service to our distributors and end users.


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