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25th November, 2008 - 10th January , 2009

Giving back to the society. Our way of saying THANK YOU by giving half off on our product... under the theme “Let us celebrate!” This is the first time when our company decided to give such a massive break on the price such that the unfortunate ones who could not pick the product saying it's pricy could get a chance to try now and now!. We are confident once they have tried and experienced the product and the value they will get from it will make them look for the brand and not question the price. Make it your gift for family and friends with this New & unusual versatile product for this season of HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

The media will further support on Easy FM educating and creating awareness about this environment friendly, safe and biodegradable product.

Keep checking our updates and more areas of applications.

November 2008 Avian Exhibition Sarit Centre

Exhibition for Live stock, Poultry and Dairy industry. Our hospitality booth with product display and top of the line Kenyan models ushered our guest and visitors to our booth on creating awareness in the use of environment friendly cleaning product Magic's Oxy-Bleach to protect the flora and fauna of our country in the country side rather than using harsh cleaners based on Chlorine and strong Disinfectants. The demos were supported by a slide show with BEFORE and AFTER PICTURES.

Mr. G S Bawa the man behind the development of this product for the East-African market also presented a paper on "CARING FOR FARM HYGIENE & SANITATION" He also emphasized on workers hygiene and sanitation conditions and environmental aspects to a gathering of 180 farmers devoting a whole afternoons with question/answer session for the farmers. This forum was an eye opener for many of them. Please do not miss to read “ ….What they say about our product”

Hortec November 2008

Hortec Exhibition KICC- we again strategized to partner with Amiran Kenya who are leaders in the field of Agro Chemicals and Green house turnkey projects for the Agriculture and Floriculture industry.

October 2008 KSPCA- Pedigree show.

Keen participation with our booth and product display and MOB as prize for the winners and also participated in the Auction for Obama T-shirt. MOB bid the highest at Kshs 15,000 to grab the historical T-shirt with the message change your cleaning habits with MOB. The product is great for cleaning Pet mess- taking care of the deodorizing and disinfection part. It was again an eye opener for the Pet lovers - The Rocket Pitch- Caring for your Pet environment.

August 2008

Proud Sponsors of the Kenya Olympics team 2008, Beijing China.

International school Labor Day celebration
American Chamber of Commerce (AMCham) at the International school Labor Day celebration. Do not miss the picture gallery. Visitors were quite familiar by now with our product as they use similar products back home. The outdoor event was a great success with other American companies.

May 2008
Product launched in Kigali , Rwanda


The beginning was not pleasant because of the political turmoil. We settled down soon into the Olympics and once again took advantage of the need for our athletes to use a product which can Clean, bleach deodorize, disinfect and remove stain from the athletes jersey and their sneakers.

120 athletes selected for the training camp at the official opening by the Hon. Minister for sports used our product with appreciation. Our product appeared in the official Handbook for the Kenya Olympics 2008. We further supported our athletes in the last week when they started winning and the gold medals started coming home with our TV commercial before the sports news on the NTV station.


The year 2007 ended by airing our TV commercial 30 seconds with the previously designed jingle on Citizen and KBC TV stations. Do not miss it when its aired next time to see our Brand Model Kimyatta in action. The criteria used for selection was “EXPRESSION on the face” She appeared as cover page for various magazines in the U.S.

In store promotion on & off with our uniquely designed dress-- African attired girls we got the first hand information about consumer reaction towards our product. Customer service and help desk were available all the time as back up support. The MOB fan club was now increasing at an exponential rate.

2007 July
Exports to neighboring countries - Magic's Oxy Bleach now in Addis , Ethiopia . Participation in the International Floriculture Exhibition. Magic's Oxy-Bleach joined hands for the distribution with OMNI-AGRICULTURE, Israel with their offices in Addis. Product promoted for the use of Farm Hygiene and sanitation.

2007 March
Henkel Chemicals appointed as countrywide distributor for the institutions with their branches in Kisumu, Mombasa North & South Coast and Malindi introducing the product to the Hotel Industry. They were recognized as our strategic partners with a long outstanding experience of supplying the Hotel industry with swimming pool chemicals and also their dominance in the East African market. With their strength we were able to place the product in Kampala, Uganda and Arusha, Tanzania.

Jan/Feb 2007- Kenya Ladies Golf Union – Exclusive Sponsorship for the year 2007
In line with our CEO's vision “If you have educated a WOMAN you have educated the nation” eventually they are becoming our Brand ambassadors. Our marketing team embarked to take advantage of this vacuum again where such a sponsorship was rare to be heard and the proposal was unanimously and overwhelming supported by the women of KLGU to be their Official Sponsors for the year 2007. The historic agreement was signed between the Chairman Mrs. Sue Royale of KLGU and Mr. G S Bawa, CEO of Magic Chemicals at the Royal Nairobi Golf Club. The occasion was covered widely by the media. Such recognition was long awaited for KLGU.

Our CEO is the firm believer that women create markets and they are the back bone of our society. The seven exclusive events were lavishly sponsored at Limuru Country Club, Royal Nairobi, Sigona Golf Club, Muthaiga Golf Club, Windsor Golf & Country Club and winding up with the Chairman's prize at the Karen Country Club. Do not miss the picture gallery to a get a glimpse of what the KLGU Women got from us.

…..what they say about us- “truly your product is Magic”!

2006 November - December

Magic's Oxy-Bleach 30 sec Jingle was ready to go on air. We also signed up with Classic 105 FM again targeting the middle age group Women and Men who make the cleaning decisions at home. Our exclusive jingle one of its kind is worth listening which will start shaking you up. Thanks to Nick Bawa who contributed his guitar talents to the advertising agency and monitored the choreography and audition during the production. This jingle was received by public with great applaud.

August 2006

Magic's Oxybleach introduced in the Kenya market and distributed through the main supermarket chains. Keep checking our website about news & surprises about the different marketing strategies adopted by the company for the success of the product to consumers.

January 2006
The year 2006 has new challenges for us. I declare this year 2006 as the year of “ECONOMIC EMERGENCY”.

As this year being the Economic Emergency year I expect every member of the “Magic Family” to contribute towards our recovery and prosperity to make the company a profitable organization such that our future is secured.

John F. Kennedy said “Don’t ask what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country”
Likewise say “what you can do for the company not what the company can do for you”.

Let us adopt the three “P's - Punctuality, Performance and Profit towards Economic Emergency.

We have scaled through a difficult year 2005. The turbulence was unbearable and some of us could be thrown out from our seats. The seat belts could do very little when the pot holes were like ditches. We thank God for keeping us and our families safe and for being the provider of our necessities.

You are the future leaders of our country and your experience in this company will make you a better citizen.

God Bless and a Happy & Prosperous New Year.

January 2005
New Consumer Product - Oxy-Bleach For East Africa:
We have now acquired the brand name "Magic's Oxy-Bleach" and we have completed other registration procedures in Kenya . We expect the product to be in the market soon. Look out for the tub of Magic's Oxy-Bleach in your leading super markets with our popular label created by public choice.

September 2004
New Consumer Product - Oxy Bleach For East Africa:
We are happy to announce a new consumer product to be launched in the Kenyan market. There was a need in the market for environmental friendly bleach for consumer and institutional use. By focusing on this, our Company has developed a Bleach which is based on oxygen chemistry. The Bleach is of High quality, high value-added benefits and differentiated from other chlorine based bleaches in the market to meet the needs of our customers in the market. In addition its an excellent ingredient in personal and home care and institutional formulations for hygiene.

August 2004
Introducing Flavors in East Africa from Matrix Group of Companies, Malaysia :
Due to our long presence in the East African Market, strategic strength in Industrial sales, Technical support , warehousing, shipping and financing, we were in more advantageous position to be appointed as sole agent and distributor.

January 2004
Message From the CEO:
It is my great pleasure to have the opportunity to present our family business Magic Chemicals Incorporated in New York, U.S.A. in 1990 with its affiliates in Kenya and India to our valued customers and friends at home and abroad.

We have successfully exported industrial chemicals of various origins to many countries. Our in-depth knowledge of chemistry, Sourcing, world wide contacts, logistics, documentation, liaison with inspection agencies, financing and shipping will make you feel most confident to do business with us.

We have a better understanding of our customer’s requirements through our subsidiary companies present in these markets.

Our shipments meet the required specifications of clients flawless making them place repeat orders with us. Feel free to contact us with your enquiries and once you have placed your order, sit back and relax to receive your shipment with no turbulence.

We look forward to doing business with you and sharing our mutual experiences for our benefits.

Good luck!

With Kind Regards,

G. S. Bawa

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