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Magic's Oxy-Bleach

Magic's Oxy-Bleach a single solution for everything!

Product Information

"We are happy to announce that a new consumer product has been launched in the East African market. There is a need for environmental friendly bleach for consumer and institutional use. By focusing on this, our company has developed bleach which is based on Oxygen Chemistry. The bleach is of high quality, high value-added benefits and different from other bleaches in the market to meet the needs of our customers. It’s the right chemistry for white and colored clothes. It is a versatile product which Bleaches Cleans, Deodorizes, and Disinfects and removes Stains.

Magic's Oxy-Bleach a single solution for everything...

...Cleans everything except dirty hearts!

Magic's Oxy-Bleach


• 12 Tubs X 1.0 Kg in a carton Box
With a dispensing plastic spoon.
• 12 Tubs X 500 gms in a carton Box
With a dispensing plastic spoon.
• 240 Sachets X 28 gms in a carton box
24 Sachets X 28 gms in one carton box
28 gms Sachet for one wash load



  Magic's Oxy-Bleach Fan List

  …”Hi just to congratulate you for a wonderful product-Magic's Oxy-Bleach, it has no equal, its real magic! Once more congrats!
Mr. Kamau- Nairobi Steam Laundry. Tel +254 722 599495

…”Hi Mr.Bawa your Magic's Oxy-Bleach has worked magic's for me while cleaning utensils. Thanks a lot I will visit you tomorrow for further discussions. I can even come with sample of what I have cleaned. Bravo Bwana Bawa. Yours Satisfied customer…
Paul Njeru Tel +254720 126088

...Good Morning Mr. Bawa, Sorry to bother you early morning (Saturday 7AM). We are just excited about your product. My wife soaked laundry with your Magic's Oxy-Bleach overnight. The dirt came out without rubbing & scrubbing. It is a wonderful product and we are going to clean the rest of the house today with this product. We will also recommend to our friends….
Mr. Okwach Tel +254 0722890813

…. “Subject: Re: Testimony

Dear Gurvinder,
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to sell the products. It is a great product and they are really going.

….”On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 10:53 AM, Eric Wekesa < > wrote:

Dear Mr Bawa,
The free sample you gave me has changed my life. I am Eric Wekesa, we met at the Vet Expo Sarit I am from Resolution Health E.A. I will send you details of our medical cover later on. Right now let me take this opportunity to explain how this product ,Magic's Oxy-bleach, has helped me immensely in one day. I went with the tub home and applied to bathtub tiles as you had recommended in your talk. I had not washed the tiles for years and had given up on ever getting them clean. After using it was sparkling clean and there was no smell in the toilet.

Thank you for the magic product. If that's not all I went to my room and cleaned (yesterday) even the ceiling, I had washed the ceiling of the bathroom too!  I had the best sleep in years( even though I had slept late cleaning, I slept at 12.30 am). I woke up with my nose clear and my chest free. I had been having blocked nose and a congested chest for months. This product is a miracle and my house is now clean and germ-free.

I would like to propose to you that you sell to me a carton to begin with, then I market them on my own to friends and family. Please give me the best price”.


Sales Promotion

"The following promotion activities have been undertaken in the Kenyan market to create product awareness:

In-house sales associates in leading chain stores .

Display of roll up promotion banners in leading stores in Kenya

Product launch in Parklands Baptist church, Nairobi Kenya - Magic's oxy-bleach brand to the congregation and all the proceeds from the sale were donated to the church.

In-house training seminars for the sales associates

Training seminars of the Aisle Supervisors of the leading stores in Kenya on their premises with product performance demo

Flyer distribution through the leading newspaper

Door to door sales of small sachets in various neighborhoods

Sales Promotion, road shows in Buru Buru and Nairobi West

Please look out for more promotion activities related to entertainment for shoppers at the malls and don't miss out our Television commercial and Radio jingle that is coming up soon.



1. What is Magic’s Oxy Bleach?

A wonder product made for:

* Cleaning, Bleaching, Stain Removal, Disinfection, Deodorizer and many more…
* It’s just magic!
* Try it and you will feel the difference. !!!

2. What does it contain?

Mixture of Carbonates & Percarbonates

2 CO3 . 3H2O2 = 2 Na2CO3 + 3H2O2

2O2 =3H2O + 3O

The PH of the resulting solution is typically alkaline which activates the H
2O2 to release nascent oxygen.

3. Is it safe to use at all temperatures?


The oxygen releases at room temperature when Magic’s Oxy Bleach comes in contact with water.

Warmer temperatures are only required for stubborn job. The higher temperature accelerates the release of oxygen.

4. Is it toxic to humans, animals and plants like chlorine bleaches?

No - Not At All

It is Eco and Environment friendly. The chemistry works by release of nascent oxygen (O).

5. Can it be used for cleaning wool, silk & mixed fabrics...?

No. It does not work on natural protein fibers. Try in an inconspicuous area before any application.

6. Can it be sprinkled on the fabric directly?

No, use it as a solution in water.

7. Can we store it as a solution in water?

No, the activity will drop. Only make stock solution when ready to use. Also avoid keeping stock solution in sealed container.

8. Is the product dangerous?

When it comes in contact with inflammables it has auto ignition properties. Remove combustibles around work place.

9. Is it a marine pollutant?

No does not contain Boron (B) like sodium perborate.

10. What are the physical properties?

White crystalline fine powder Hygroscopic in nature.

11. What are the chemical properties?

Strong oxidizing agent, keep away from combustibles..

12. How does Magic’s Oxy-bleach removes stain unlike chlorine bleaches, which only mask the stain …

By, Attacking the organic stain, breaks down and removes it from the garment.

Consumer Survey, FAQ's from Promotion activities in Kenya

1. Is it bleach or a detergent?

It is both but we recommend to use it as an additive to your detergent powder and it will do wonders of bleaching cleaning, deodorizing, disinfecting and removing stains in one operation of washing which detergent powders and bleaches cannot do.

2. Is it a pure soap?

No not at all. Please do not use like a soap, only as an additive to your washing powder or soap solution

3. Is it safe to for fabric and skin?

Yes it is safe for Fabric except Silk and wool. It does not work on Natural Fibers as they are made up of proteins. Like wise it can be a skin irritant when dry but in solution it is safe for skin unless you have very sensitive hands then you can use gloves.

4. If the product doesn't work can we return it back?

Yes you can unless you have not used the whole tub. Retain the receipt and contact our office for reimbursement, the store will not reimburse but we will! It’s a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

5. We should provide free sample?

Free samples is not our corporate policy. We believe if it is free it is nothing to you. That is why we created a 28 gms sachet for one or two wash load applications in Laundry, Kitchen or Bathroom.
Sachets available in exhibitions, promotion events and some stores at USD 0.25 per sachet.

6. Is there a 5 kg tub?

Not at this moment but soon we will introduce.

7. Is there a smaller pack?

Yes there is 28 gms sachet.

8. Can the product be used in hard water?

Yes it will work. Our chemistry is based on our compound which instantly releases copious amounts of nascent oxygen when it comes in contact with water. Whether the water Is hard or soft it does not interfere with our Chemistry. That is why we say the right chemistry for white and colored clothes in all kinds of water.

9. Does the product produce foam?

No. For your information foaming is not the criteria for a detergent to be better. It is more psychological. 40 years ago when detergent powders came out they were not foaming like you see today because people were used to bar soaps which create a bit of foam so the detergent manufacturers improved the formulation by adding additives called foam booster such that when the detergent powder is added in water and washing is done it creates a lot of foam.

They also came up with a feeling that more the detergent powder makes foam the more it will become popular with the housewives as originally bar soaps did not foam much but it is a pity that the foam does not do the cleaning of the fabric. The actual cleansing and removing of dirt from the fabric is done by a chemically active ingredient LABSA. So you do not have to worry about our product whether it foams or not. We are giving you the active ingredient which will do the job

10. What is wrong with chlorines?

Nasty smell and odor.
Masks the stains.
Yellows the fabric.
Weakens fabric resulting in short life of all garments, tearing of collars, cuffs, fading school uniforms etc.
But we did not have choice for the last 50 years.
We have new generation products now which can give better advantages and also environmentally safe and biodegradable.
Sir / Madam, choice is yours.

11. Do you have it in a bar form?

No, we do not have it in a bar form. The chemistry and production process is complicated. We cannot compress it to make a bar. Moreover, for a bar you will not have control on how much you have used. Powders are always preferred by consumers and our product has to be used in small quantities from a quarter spoon to a spoon which is provided with the tub.
However we will soon have it in tablet form for use in aquaculture.

12. Why is it important to use with other detergents?

You can use it on its own but it is very expensive. Half a Kg is USD 3.00 and 1Kg is usd 5.75 You can buy any other powder between USD 2.25 - 3.0 for 1Kg, so why must you buy this product? Our product improves the properties of the existing detergent powders in the market which do not perform. During your normal wash you can just add two - three (2-3) scoops to a wash load in a bucket full of clothes or to the machine.

For machine wash: dissolve three to four (3-4) scoops in a plastic cup and throw the solution in the tub of the machine. You can also add the scoop where you add your detergent.

You do not have to add our product every time to your wash load. If your clothes have been washed with our product once you can avoid for the next 2-3 washes. Our product is expensive and can be used for various applications to your 100% satisfaction whether for laundry, kitchen, bathroom or outdoor use.

13. Can it be used in Fading Material?


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