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We are Magic Chemicals Inc. We were incorporated in 1990 in New York, USA. Presently we are also available in Nairobi, Kenya and New Delhi, India. Manufacturing companies for finished products demand high quality chemical raw materials. We have been the strength for all manufacturers in various chemical raw materials in the East African region including Zambia, Ethiopia and Eritrea. Our customer base comprises of multinational subsidiaries, various chemical industries, EPZ, end users, distributors, government ministries, NGO's and hospitals.

We also ensure that we play the role as good corporate citizens responsibly. We are fully committed to the responsible care which safe-guards our work environment and disposal. Our chemical raw materials are sold to bonafide end users and complying international protocols. The company also promotes African Art in Mahogany and Ebony wood and Soap stone work in USA by participating in Trade shows, Museums and Kwanzaa celebrations for the African Americans.

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 Mission statement

"To source, supply and stock industrial chemicals and medical products for the industry to be competitive, add values to our customers and employ welfare."

 Group Vision

Working in a team environment of professionalism, opportunity, trust and fun.

Dedicate to achieving global leadership in diverse chemical and medical businesses including specialties and novelty products for the customers.

Striving to become the first choice for all our valuable clients and the World’s best Trading company for chemicals and medical products.


Our basic objective is to provide quality to meet customer need and exceed customer expectation. We ensure that all industrial chemicals, medical equipments and accessories are of the highest quality and meet the constantly growing demand. We also ensure that our shipments meet the required specifications of clients flawless. We wish to expand the industrial chemicals, medical equipment and accessories business line of the company.

 About the founder

Gurvinder S. Bawa founded Magic Chemicals Inc. in New York in 1990. He was born in 1956 and grew up in Myanmar (Former Burma) and India. Besides being a natural entrepreneur he has a post graduate degree in Organic Chemistry. He specializes in International trading, Industrial Chemicals and Medical Products. He also manages and operates Magic Chemicals Kenya Ltd. in Nairobi, and Magic Chemicals India in New Delhi. Magic Chemicals’ principal market is in USA & Africa. His hobbies include people, cultures, food, traveling & Golf. He is happily married and a proud father of a son. He can be reached at

 Chief Excecutive Officer's Message

It is a pleasure once again to close the year 2008 and start the new year of 2009 with lots of hopes and promises folks! We did accomplish a lot in the year 2007-2008 which you will read in our news update. Looking back, 2008 proved to be one of Magic Chemicals' most accomplished years.

Unlike any previous year, 2008 started with political unrest and violent turmoil in Kenya . Amazingly, the Kenyan people replaced ethnical and tribal tensions with a newfound sense of nationality. In turn, the upset business community quickly rebounded. However, the later portion of this year revealed the economic challenges plaguing the global financial and commodity markets.

The escalating oil prices drove the markets to be for the SELLERS which surprisingly closed the year 2008 becoming the BUYERS market. The Crude dropped below $50 a barrel before the close of year leaving uncertainty and turbulence in the market. Import Inventories dwindled and the courageous survived. It was the real test of Leadership in Crisis which is Magic Chemicals! We are there and you can look forward to our continued support.

However, visionary leadership through this time of crisis has strategically positioned Magic Chemicals to seize emerging opportunities while strengthening core business operations. Leveraging efficient debt collection with long term partner relationships, we are insulating our operations to unstable economic conditions. Furthermore, the Magic's Oxy-Bleach product line is expected to boom as consumers, now more than ever, seek versatility and product value.

From the old school where we have come from and have seen International trade from Barter to Export/Imports being pegged to the US$ with credit lines and overdraft facilities extending to the point that you have spent the next 12 salaries before you have even earned by swiping your credit card, easy access to Home loans resulting in becoming the total slave of the financial system which has not been any different than the slavery of the past only a different way to practice it. It has been a good eye opener and it will caution us to think twice before borrowing and also for the lenders to know the repercussions

While the reckless financial practices of the West have caused much havoc, such chaos has revealed many lessons. The new mindset of financing overextended budgets with credit has proved very costly and dangerously. Firms must return back to extending themselves only as far as internal, reasonable financing means allow. However, the disturbed financial equilibrium will be restored with the changing political climate from the West. In time, stability will return to the emerging markets and Africa once again.

We look forward into 2009 optimistically. We hope you will join hands with us for the betterment of our people, our lifestyle, and our environment.

Most sincerely,
Tejendra K Bawa, Ph.D.


 Our Offices:

Head Office: Magic Chemicals Inc.
39 Wilkshire Circle, North Hills, New York 11030, U.S.A.
Tel: 516.869.6350, Fax: 866.418.4881 

Africa Liaison Office: Magic Chemicals Kenya Ltd.
P.O. Box 58860 City Square , Outer Ring Road, Ruaraka, Nairobi , KENYA
Tel: 254.20.8560216, 8560217, 8560218

India Liaison Office: Magic Chemicals India
GF 36 Kiriti Shikhar, 11 District Centre, Janakpuri, New Delhi 110058 INDIA .
Tel: 91.11.25590520, Fax: 91.11.25590525


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